One Gift From Group

PassHat makes group gift collections simple and your life easier – create, invite, remind, collect and deliver a gift from your group from the comfort of your browser. No more collecting cash, depositing checks, nagging people for a contribution or remembering to buy a gift card - PassHat does it all for you!

Multiple Gifts From Group

Collecting for multiple gifts from the same group? No problem. PassHat manages a single collection, and you get to allocate the distribution of gifts or cash to your intended recipients, including gift delivery. Now that's easy, simple, and so convenient!

Cash From Group

With PassHat you can easily collect funds for any purpose from your group: Fees, Dues, Contributions, all quickly and efficiently managed with no need to remind people for payment. Best of all: you don't need to handle cash or checks, and the collected funds are delivered electronically to where you need them!

Communicate, Coordinate, Educate!

Are you a teacher, administrator, or parent? MemberHub strengthens your school community through better communication. And PassHat's integrated interface makes it easy to collect for classroom dues, fees, or gifts. With MemberHub and PassHat you're at the head of the class!

Make It Easier With TeamSnap!

Managing a Sports team? Discover how TeamSnap can make it easier, efficient, and fun! PassHat even has a built-in interface so it can handle all of your Team Collections seamlessly. TeamSnap + PassHat = Team Management Perfection!

Stacy S, Organizer, Jacksonville, NC

"When I needed to collect a cash gift for our team coach PassHat made it easy and convenient. Once I uploaded the contact list parents were able to contribute online using their credit and debit cards. I didn't have to chase anyone for money and when it was completed PassHat transferred our gift and our personal messages directly to Coach. I call that a Win-Win!"

Mark W, Contributor, Raleigh, NC

"Our high-school PTSA had a fund drive and one of the parents created a PassHat campaign in support of it. Once I received the invitation it was a matter of seconds to make my online contribution using my credit-card. As a busy professional I appreciated the convenience of not having to write a check or send cash with my child to school. I did not know that parting with money can be so painless... "

Naomi P, Gift Recipient, Cary, NC

"My friends got together and sent me a birthday gift using PassHat. It was such a wonderful surprise! All I had to do was click the link in the email, logon to PassHat, read the warm birthday wishes and accept my electronic gift card. It was really easy and fun. I used the WaySpa card they gave me and treated myself to a luxurious massage at my local spa!"



PassHat campaigns are easy to create. The entire process is managed for you automatically, including electronic delivery of funds and gift-cards.


Encrypted and secure, with no credit card data stored by us, your information is safe and no cash is handled by you or recipient.


All collections are “invitation-only”, so distribution is limited exclusively to those you've selected to participate, even while using social media.

Choice & Variety

Numerous premium merchant gift-card and cash-out options, or leave the final choice to the recipient.


Use your social networks or online email accounts to invite participants to join-in your collection; Generate fundraising rebates for your Non-profit organization.